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Questions you still may have...

"Do you tell jokes? Is that why people are laughing in your pictures?"

I purposefully do not use the word "joke" or "comedian" in the descriptions of my services. Because I don't tell jokes at your wedding. While I do love laughing, I've found that typical risqué jokes or things of that nature don't always come across as you'd think. I use the natural humor that inevitably comes from the time you two have spent together. From the first impression to that awkward first date, all the way to the proposal that took three times to get just right. These are things that you would tell me that I then bring to life in the ceremony. Those special moments you shared are natural and beautifully humorous. That's what brings laughter and smiles to everyone's faces and are then captured in the pictures.

"How far will you travel for my weddings?"

The prices on the site include 45 miles from Syracuse NY. Anything outside of that radius an additional 50 cents per mile. 

If your wedding is in a different city or town over 1.5 hours outside of Syracuse, it can be done! With the understanding, pricing will increase to include potential overnight costs on top of mileage costs.

"What if the wedding venue doesn't allow a rehearsal?"

I strongly recommend a rehearsal, which is why it's included in my prices!

If the venue doesn't allow a rehearsal, it's not the end of the world. The rehearsal can be done anywhere there is space to have a mock walk down the aisle. The goal is to make sure the wedding party is as comfortable and prepared as possible. A rehearsal goes a long way in that regard. 

"Why don't you share the love story before the ceremony?"

I do this on purpose so the guests and photographers can get a genuine reaction from you two the first time you hear it. This is not to "punk" you or deceive you, merely to capture that moment when you hear infront of all your friends and family the first time your partner knew "I'm going to marry that person, the love of my life!" That is a special moment worth the wait.

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